OMG! Jessica is a miracle inspirer! I had all but given up on being able to sort things out in my house. But one private session with Jessica was all I needed to get some momentum going again. She understands so thoroughly how things are the way they are, and she knows how to break things down so you can start doing them without the overwhelm. I highly recommend booking some sessions with her even if or rather especially if you haven’t been able to make any headway for a long time. If you’ve come across Jessica your time is now; this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Highly worth the time and money.

~Angela Ota, Japan

Jessica is wonderful at helping people create positive action oriented steps to create better skills dealing with stressful issues. From giving advice on everything from decluttering your space, organizing personal files, addressing medical bill issues or insurance issues, helping set up an earthquake plan and how to execute it , or, as a life coach, discovering how to create positive feedback on a personal level creating new balance in one’s life. She has many areas where her skills coaching individuals can effectively help manage concerns in a practical and more meaningful way. I highly recommend contacting her and letting her know your issues and obstacles that you want to address. She is trustworthy, compassionate, and a perfect resource for people to navigate many areas of their lives easing stress and giving creative solutions to help get unstuck and move forward. She has directed and guided me in discovering ways to address stressful issues with a personalized plan and encouragement to follow through. Her time and guidance is incredibly valuable and worth seeking. Find out how you can function at your optimal ability and help find greater harmony in many areas of your life. The skills she has taught me have elevated the way I approach challenging situations and proven successful in how I now deal with these issues calmly and effectively. Jessica gives you action plans to utilize and positive coping skills to keep you on track. She is dedicated to helping others find a more peaceful path moving forward in their lives.

~ Diana Wooten Goodman, Los Angeles, CA

From across the globe via zoom, Jessica presented as a warm and joyful person. She actively listens, analyses and provides intentions for a positive mindset to support the decluttering process. The process itself is not the run of the mill, rather it’s individualised with what is manageable for you. She has seen it all and is attuned to what may work for you so the sense of shame dissipates and that in itself is a huge relief. I am forever grateful for meeting Jessica and totally recommend her, you will not be disappointed! I will keep you up to date as I begin my decluttering journey.I am ready to let go of what no longer serves me and invite the new and exciting
~ Maria Elisabeth, Australia

I have known Jessica for over 20 years and have known her in that time to be inspirational in both her personal relationships as well as professional. In actual fact, I would define her as such: inspirational! Jessica has the skills to oversee what is important to your goals, she will skillfully suggest improvements that will start a cascade of energy that propels one creatively and practically to the next level of achievement. Her skills go beyond coaching. She’s got a tool belt! Practical and spiritual. She has a laser sharp sight to cut through the overwhelm and see what’s important. She also has a talent to help with the smallest of details that may go overlooked. She’s got your back. Jess is the gold bar standard of coaches.
~ Sharon Caplan Cohen, Mill Valley, CA

Had the pleasure of working with Jessica for organization – loved her style, mantras for focus and wonderful ideas. Because of my experience with her in the organizational realm I’d like to take women’s empowerment workshops with her. Jessica is highly professional and relates very well to people.
~ Lois H., New Jersey

Jessica is a truly exceptional organizer. The situation in which I hired her was a several years mess, and she helped transform it into something where things could be found, and places were appropriate. If you have a situation in which you have things that you need to organize, messes that you need to conquer, and things that need to be findable, you need to hire her. Do it now, you won’t regret it.
~ Arnold F. Williams, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica was a real lifeline for us during the pandemic; she is such a caring professional. She helped me organize my kitchen and storage areas, sources of undue stress at a time of chaos. Jessica’s professional nature and experienced approach helped me get to the root of the problems and tackle them with ease! Her smile is contagious; her wisdom and insights provided options to consider when organizing life’s problem areas. Connecting with her virtually was so easy via Zoom (as I live in Canada) and so productive! Jessica is a gifted listener, and her questions helped reveal the right organizational fixes for my household, to put in place what works best forus and make lasting changes. My family and I are so grateful for less clutter and more calm in our home, thanks to Jessica and her organizational mastery!”

~ Naomi Sterling, Canada 

I’m a recovering disorganized person, i.e.clutter-aholic. Jessica’s calm manner is a gift. Her clear and very straight forward de-cluttering and organizing strategies are revolutionary for me. My biggest take-away so far has been chunking down projects into bite-sized pieces.My dream has always been a place for everything and everthing in its place. I’m on my way. I’m in action daily, more effective and so much less stressed and overwhelmed. I would highly recommend working with Jessica..she’s a gem!
~ Anne Burrow Lawrence

Jess has been saving my sanity! She is unafraid of paper clutter, relentlessly cheerful, optimistic and makes the time to create a productive mindset. At the end of these sometimes challenging sessions, she makes the time to celebrate our accomplishment. She has helped me in the aftermath of a major home move, a remodel, and organizing my home office, which needs periodic reorganizing. The biggest multi-week task she helped me with was emptying out the condo of my MIL (who bought in quantity and saved everything). It was an emotional and massive physical undertaking, and she held the space with grace and optimistic determination. My husband has also appreciated her results over the years, and has even asked for her help with the garage! As I’ve continued to work with her suggestions, I’ve come to appreciate her discipline and strategies, and am still working with her systems today. Although my needs have transformed over the years, her lessons and optimism have stayed with me. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs support. I know that when I call her for future help, she will come armed with appropriate solutions and encourage me to complete my tasks with “ease and grace.”
~ Kathleen Port, Pacific Palisades, CA

Jessica has been my professional organizer for several years. She has assisted me in organizing my professional and personal businesses. My description of of Jess is she strives to listen to the expressed problems; Jess observes and analyzes the presenting concerns; she shares her professional observations; she and I mutually develop strategies; and there is always room for flexibility. This has resulted in more space in my home office, the development of filing systems and an easier access to professional information. We also created/organized an earthquake kit. I highly recommend Jessica as a professional organizer.
~ Martha Watson, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much Jessica! I was really stuck and now feel lighter, encouraged and more optimistic. With your tips and systems, I no longer dread or avoid my clutter hot spots. Now, “I enjoy making decisions and answers come to me with ease and grace”. I am more relaxed in my home. I highly recommend Jessica Hritz Morrick!!!
~ Katherine O’Redmond
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